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 For Children 0-18

Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities Program
Learn about financial support to help families with the costs of caring for a child with severe disabilities and find out how to apply.

Special Services at Home
Learn about funding to help with costs related to respite, personal growth and development for your child with physical and/or developmental disabilities.

Direct Funded Respite
This program is offered through the Children's Community Network and provides funding assistance to parents/guardians whose child (aged 0-18 yrs) has documentation from a professional confirming the child's developmental disability and/or medical fragility.

Access 2 Card Program
The award-winning Access 2 Program is a collaborative partnership between Easter Seals and over 500 movie theatres, cultural attractions, entertainment venues, and recreation facilities across Canada. 

The March Break Reimbursement Fund
The March Break Reimbursement Fund is available to Ontario families of children or youth with ASD who retain the services of a one-to-one support worker OR who have paid for their child to attend a March Break camp or program, but not both.

One to One Summer Support Worker Reimbursement Fund
The One-to-One Summer Support Worker Reimbursement Fund is available to Ontario families of children or youth with ASD who retain the services of a one- to-one support worker for their child through respite services to support caregivers or fees for online or in-person recreational and cultural activities and camp programs.

Assistive Devices Program (ADP)
If you have a long-term physical disability, you can get help paying for equipment and supplies when you qualify for the Assistive Devices Program.

Healthy Smiles Ontario
How to access free dental care for children 17 years old and under, if they are eligible through the government’s Healthy Smiles program. The program is designed for lower-income families in need of support.

Disability Tax Credit
The disability tax credit (DTC) is a non-refundable tax credit that helps persons with disabilities or their supporting persons reduce the amount of income tax they may have to pay. An individual may claim the disability amount once they are eligible for the DTC. This amount includes a supplement for persons under 18 years of age at the end of the year.

Incontinence Supplies Grant Program
The Incontinence Supplies Grant is an annual grant, made in two payments, provided to families to offset some of the costs for diapers and certain supplies for incontinence for children ages 3- 18 with chronic disabilities (physical or developmental) that result in incontinence or retention problems lasting longer than six months requiring the use of incontinence supplies. Easter Seals Ontario administers the Incontinence Supplies Grant Program for the Ministry of Health. 

Easter Seals Ontario
Easter Seals Ontario is a registered Canadian charity, with a mandate to provide assistance specifically to children and youth with long-term physical disabilities for essential equipment and fully accessible camping and recreation programs.

Jordan’s Principle
Jordan's Principle makes sure all First Nations children can access the products, services and supports they need, when they need them. It can help with a wide range of health, social and educational needs.

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