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Children (0-18)

What Is Children's Respite?

We support families who care for a child with a disability by assisting them to arrange for periods of "respite", which is defined as a short break from the full time responsibility of care giving.  The service is designed to give families the freedom to personally arrange respite time that is convenient, flexible and responsive to their family's needs.

Who Is Eligible For Children's Respite Care Services?

Any family that cares for a child with a disability can use this service.  This can mean a child living with biological parents, with extended family members or with a legal guardian.

How Do I Access Children's Respite Care Services?

For more information or to access respite services for a child, please contact the Children's Community Network

Families living in the Sudbury Region should call (705) 566-3416.
Families living on Manitoulin Island should call (705) 368-0756.
Families living in Espanola and surrounding area should call (705) 869-1564.
Families living in Chapleau and surrounding area should call (705) 854-0860.

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