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Family Registration

In order for to best assist you, we first need to register your family. By filling out the registration form you are ensuring that has the most up to date and accurate information available in regards to your family. The information we collect is kept private and is used only with your consent to connect you to programs and services in your area.

Once you have registered with our services, your information will be kept in our records for future use. You will not need to register again, even if your family does not utilize the services for a period of time. You can register with by completing the online registration form or downloading the registration package and mailing/faxing/emailing back your completed package. You can also give us a call! 

If you would like to register with Already registered?
phoneCall Intake and Information (416) 322-6317 x1 worker adsCheck out the Worker Classifieds
downloadDownload the Family Self-Referral Registration Form  info pack Family Information Package
computer iconComplete Registration Form Online FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Third Party Agency Referrals

If you are an agency member working with a family that needs assistance in connecting to respite, you may facilitate the registration process by completing the agency referral form and submitting it to Please note: You must receive consent from the family to share their personal information prior to submitting the referral form.

download Download the Fillable Agency Referral Form

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