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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Independent Respite Providers?
How can I know that my child will be safe?
With the CHAP program, Independent Respite Providers have tangible, first-hand experience working with individuals with special needs. Individuals are asked to provide a Police Reference Check (valid within the last 6 months), including the Vulnerable Sector Screening, as well as provide 2 references from individuals who would have observed them working with individuals with special needs. They are also obligated to attend an Information Session led by the CHAP Facilitator to discuss the Respite Provider Database.

How often do you request Police Reference Checks from Independent Respite Providers?
Currently, Police Reference Checks (PRCs) are requested from CHAP workers when they join the program. After the initial screening, it is up to the caregiver to determine if they require their worker to have a current Police Reference Check (within the past 6 months). Some workers may have a current PRC due to employment or school requirements. A renewed PRC may be requested, however please note that it may take 8-12 weeks to be obtained.

What is a Classified Ad and why would I want one posted on the website?
Will people be able to see my personal information?
Individual Respite Providers Classifieds and Family Classifieds are a great way to connect with Independent Respite Providers. If Independent Respite Providers see an ad they are interested in, they will email and request that their profile be sent to the family using the Family ID number. This is a great way to find individuals in your area that share interests and hobbies with the individual you are supporting.

Please note, NONE of your family’s personal information is listed in the ad or shared with the Independent Respite Provider, only your ID number.

Help! I need a break! What’s the best way for me to connect with an Independent Respite Provider?
The first step in finding a successful match is to explore the Independent Respite Provider Classified section. If you see classified ads that you are interested in, email and request the profile using the ID number(s). The classifieds have the most up-to-date availability for active Independent Respite Providers on the Respite Provider Database. If you are experiencing difficulty in connecting or are not finding matches, please contact the Intake and Information line to discuss alternative search methods.

Please note, the matching process takes time and respite is designed to be a planned break. Therefore, not all urgent requests can be accommodated. We will do our best to accommodate you, however we recommend connecting with us as early as possible in the planning process.

How long does it take to connect with an Independent Respite Provider?
The amount of time each family spends on their search for a successful match varies dependent on the family’s support needs. On average, the process of sending an Independent Respite Provider Profile takes 5-7 business days. The process of engaging the services of an Independent Respite Provider itself, depends on your availability and the workers in scheduling an interview.

Should I call ALL the Independent Respite Providers that were sent to me?
It is a good idea to at least speak with the Independent Respite Providers whose profiles you receive. Phone calls can be a great way to screen out which individuals you would like to interview from those that you don’t. Don't be afraid to connect with them directly, even though they may seem far away based on the intersection listed in their profile. This may not be an accurate representation of where they are willing to work.

Ok I’ve contacted the Independent Respite Providers. Do I need to call back?
If you have been successful in connecting with Independent Respite Providers, we ask that you follow up with us once you have determined if a match has been made or not. If you have not heard back from Independent Respite Providers within 2 business days, we request that you inform us so that we can follow up with them. You can contact the CHAP Facilitators at

Should the Independent Respite Provider and I have a contract? What should be included?
We strongly recommend that each family take time to develop a contract with the Independent Respite Provider they have engaged the services of. This will ensure that expectations on both sides are clear and prevent potential disagreements and communication breakdown in the future. For an example of a contract, see the Family Information Package.

How do the Independent Respite Providers get paid? Does pay for this?
All Independent Respite Providers are paid by the families- they are not employees. Families pay the Independent Respite Providers out-of-pocket, with government funding (SSAH, ACSD) or Private Funding sources.

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