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Respite Options

Agency : Peel Behavioural Services
Address : 5770 Hurontario Street, Suite 101, Mississauga, ON L5R 3G5
Community Regions : Peel
General Information : Our clients are individuals with developmental disabilities, including individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, who are experiencing behavioural difficulties. They must be over the age of two and live in the Region of Peel

Common Reason for referral: non-compliance, aggression, self-injury, anger management, social skill development, toilet training and inappropriate sexual behaviours.

What We Offer: Core program (ages 6 & up), Foundations Program (18 years & older), Healthy Sexuality Program (18 years & older), Pre-School Program (under age 6), Therapeutic Respite Program (2 years to 17 years), Transitional Aged Youth Assessments, ABA program, Autism Social Skills Groups (6-17 years).

We also offer Community Education on Behaviour Management Workshops, Professional Workshops, Toilet Training Workshops, Special Topic Mediator Workshops, Special Topic Client Workshops, Service Orientations and Resource Library.

What We Do: We are a team of Behaviour Therapists primarily working with mediators (parents, teachers, workers etc.) to develop behavioural strategies.
When appropriate, the client may act as their own mediator. Together, the mediator and assigned therapist will decide which one of the following three services best suits the client and mediator's needs.

Referral Process: parents and professionals (with parent's consent and knowledge) ABA and DSO
Eligibility : 2 and up.
Age Category(ies) : Preschool, School Aged, Adolescent, Young Adult, Adult 22-30, Adult 31-50, Seniors
Type of Respite :
Respite Contact : Rebelo, Edna
Contact Email : edna.rebelo@trilliumhealthpartners.ca
Phone : 905 712 4124
1-800 Number :
Fax : 905 712 4128
Website : http://www.peelbehaviouralservices.ca

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