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Les partenaires de répit communautaire

Agence : Walk of Grace
Adresse postale : 233 Joshua Street, Ottawa, ON K1W 0H3
Secteurs de la communauté : Est
Informations générales : The philosophy behind Walk of Grace Residential Services is to focus on building skills, in the areas of; communication, hygiene, daily living, social and leisure skills through the principals of learning within a positive behavior support framework. Walk of Grace will facilitate a loving, safe family home away from home for each resident who is entrusted into our respite program.

We recognize that parents, foster parents, legal guardians, caregivers and extended family play an important role in enhancing a resident’s overall sense of well-being, and require temporary relief from time-to-time. Such relationships are encouraged and supported by involving resident’s families in planning care and activity programs. Their comments and opinions are both sought and appreciated, as their involvement and support continue to add to the positive atmosphere generated by the home.

We believe in care that promotes and enhances the social inclusion and the quality of life of the resident. Through the efforts of a comprehensive care team, we shall provide an approach that takes into account the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs of each individual. WGRS also addresses quality assurance measures. The home will promote social inclusion, individual choice, and independence, in order to foster any new learning and skills developed for each resident in the respite program.

The services offered by Walk of Grace Residential Services extend to include planned and/or emergency care of youth with special needs in order to temporarily relieve the family members or guardians. It is Walk of Grace’s ongoing duty and pleasure to offer respite care to public and private sectors. It is imperative that all potential respite placements be assessed properly prior to admittance in order to ensure that the resident fits the program description. Walk of Grace provides short and long term respite care to individuals with dual diagnosis and developmental disabilities. The respite includes overnights, days, or hours. Each resident who is enrolled in the respite rescue program will receive the following:

•     Their own bed of appropriate size, with appropriate bedding for weather conditions

•     Each client will be provided with hygiene items (shampoo, body wash, toothbrush etc.).
Each client will have his or her own Daily Log. WGRS staff will document day-to-day activities and any other information.
WGRS will administer any medication as instructed by the client’s physician and according to prescription labels (refer back to Medication Policy and Procedure). All medication will be kept in the staffing office; locked with only staff access.   
WGRS will carry out any required programs assigned to the client.
WGRS staff will treat every client and their family with respect and comply with WGRS policy and procedures.
WGRS will provide meals and snacks based on the menu. If the client requires any special dietary adjustments, WGRS will accommodate the needs but will requires the parent to supply the home with any necessary food.
WGRS will ensure all personal items and/or equipment will remain in proper working condition.
Prepare respite plans of care with legal guardian, parents, serving agencies, and client themselves (12 years or older), in order to coordinate short and long term goals.
Admissibilité : The Joshua Program is an adult based home providing long-term care for individuals with developmental disabilities between ages 18+ (male and female). Children may be considered as candidates for respite in our program. Please inquire. The final approval of all admissions rests with the Directors in order to assure the needs of the resident are well suited to the care and services available to our home.

Our criteria for admission are to ensure the residents in the home are a good fit for one another, as well as to establish a balance in both age and needs. This is in order to provide a natural home atmosphere and not that of an institution. The Directors of WGRS will review the individual’s profile, medical assessment and requirements as well as any other related information to determine if the home can provide the necessary care to ensure quality life to each individual.

WGRS is a multi-gender home, meaning that we admit male/female clients. WGRS takes proper precaution when dealing with a mixed gender home by having alarms on all bedrooms, an overnight awake 7 days a week with a rotation of a male and female worker every other night, hourly check-ups, and having the genders split into separate quarters of the home.

WGRS will create a questionnaire and severity of behavior rating scale to determine eligibility into the residence. Scale will be range from 1 (low severity) to 5 (high severity). Challenging behaviors that fall between 1-3 will be considered for service.
Catégorie(s) d'âges : adolescent, jeune adulte, 22 à 30 ans, adulte, 31 à 50 ans, adulte, 51 à 64 ans, aînés, 65 ans et plus, aînés
Type de soins de répit : L'éxterieur de la maison, Répit de nuit, Accompagnement individuel / un-à, Soins de longues durées, Répit de fin de semaine, Répit de jour (lundi à vendredi), Répit en soirée
Contact pour les soins de répit : Houkayem, Elias
Courriel de contact :
Téléphone : 613 612 1263
Numéro 1-800 :
Télécopieur : 613 834 8555
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