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Les partenaires de répit communautaire

Agence : Y's Owl Maclure Cooperative Centre Inc.
Adresse postale : 100- 1140 Morrison Dr., Ottawa, ON K2H 8S9
Secteurs de la communauté : Ouest
Informations générales : Y’s Owl Maclure Cooperative Centre provides a variety of different community participation supports and service options to people with intellectual disabilities and those on the Autism Spectrum. People may be interested in obtaining Supported Employment services, learning Vocational Skills, participating in Social, Recreation and Leisure activities. Other individuals may need assistance with Life Coaching, learning Social Skills, engaging in group or individual activities.
Y’s Owl Maclure responds to the needs of individuals and provides hope to people by encouraging engagement in meaningful activities for personal growth and improved self-esteem.

DSO referral required &/ or Fee for Service Option available for all supports and services.
Admissibilité : Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, Autism, Aspergers or a Dual Diagnosis. People must have the ability to cooperate in group settings on site and in the community and require minimal assistance with activities of daily living. Transportation to and from the site is the responsibility of the individual/family.
Catégorie(s) d'âges : adolescent, jeune adulte, 22 à 30 ans, adulte, 31 à 50 ans, adulte, aîné
Type de soins de répit : Autre, Programme de participation communautaire
Contact pour les soins de répit : Broadbent, Jill
Courriel de contact :
Téléphone : 613 721 1500
Numéro 1-800 :
Télécopieur : 613 721 6223
Site Web :