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Les partenaires de répit communautaire

Agence : Main Street Community Services
Adresse postale : 1002 Beaverbrook Road, Kanata, ON K1K 1L1
Secteurs de la communauté : Kanata
Informations générales : Main Street Community Services is a registered charity that valiantly attempts to address a critical need by developing and implementing comprehensive, research-based programs for individuals who are challenged by a disability or an exceptionality. MSCS proudly operates 12 residential homes in Ottawa West, including in Kanata, Stittsville, and Richmond. Both full-time care and respite services are provided within these homes. MSCS also offers a Social Learning Day Program, Adult Day Program, Developmental Day Program, and an After School Program in Kanata. In addition, MSCS offers a Summer Camp in Kanata, a March Break Camp in Stittsville, and Youth Groups in the Ottawa area. The team at Main Street Community Services remains dedicated to broadening horizons, developing talents, promoting self-esteem and teaching essential life-preparation skills by extending a hand of hope to individuals and their families.


To celebrate the individuality of children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities and complex mental health needs through the implementation of comprehensive innovative programs and services focused on improving quality of life.


We are committed to meeting individual needs, community collectiveness and putting humanitarianism back into social services.


•To increase an individual’s personal self-determination and improve their own independence through person-centered planning.
•To embrace the individual needs of families.
•To always respect the dignity of individuals.
•To honour individuals as valued members of their community
•To recognize and respond to the goals and priorities of the individuals and families.
•To provide flexible and creative support that reflects changing goals and priorities.
•To provide programs that involves the individuals in their community networks and personal relationships.
•To promote autonomy for people and families to make decisions that reflects their life situations, needs, and beliefs.
•To be culturally competent.
•To provide and maintain a transparent service.
•To embrace humanitarianism in all aspects of the business.

Impact on the Community

At Main Street Community Services, we take great pride in providing quality, research based and effective programs to individuals. We are dedicated to providing all of our clients with opportunities for skill development, healthy relationship building, and recreation, all of which are critical for individuals with Disabilities. The dedication of everyone at Main Street Community Services has allowed us to play a pivotal role in supporting individuals to reach their full potential. It takes believing in these individuals to realize the impact the community can have and that is why at Main Street Community Services, Achieving is Believing
Main Street Community Services’ operates 12 residential homes in Ottawa West, including in Kanata, Stittsville, Richmond Carp . Residential care is provided to individuals with special needs who require full-time support due to the complexity of their needs. Our homes provide a low client to staff ratio. Individual programs are designed for each of our residents as part of their evening routine, such as completing chores. Daily living skills, communication skills, social skills, and coping techniques are taught on an ongoing basis and the behavioural strategies previously discussed in this document are also implemented within the residences. In addition, Main Street Community Services provides parents of special needs individuals with the opportunity for some much needed rest and relaxation through respite services. Our respite homes offer a safe and nurturing home environment, friendly neighbourhoods, a highly structured, supportive and predictable routine, opportunities for individuals to develop qualitative play skills and daily living skills, community outings, and activities to help enhance communication, socialization, and decrease challenging behaviours. Each individual’s needs and strengths are identified to ensure they receive the best programming, tailored specifically to them. Services are offered 24 hours per day and seven days per week, including holidays, however, spaces are limited and are based on availability.
Admissibilité : Not restrictive
Catégorie(s) d'âges : d'âge scolaire, adolescent, jeune adulte, 22 à 30 ans, adulte
Type de soins de répit : Camp, Autre, Camp de jour, L'éxterieur de la maison, Après l’école, Répit de nuit, Congé scolaire, Soins de longues durées, Programme estivale, Répit de fin de semaine, Répit de jour (lundi à vendredi), Répit en soirée, Programme de répit thérapeutique, Foyer famille, Maison de répit fournit par une agence, Programme de participation communautaire
Contact pour les soins de répit : Emon, Melissa
Courriel de contact :
Téléphone : 613 831 6606
Numéro 1-800 :
Télécopieur : 613 831 7783
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